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On-demand marketing & PR

If you need marketing support but don't have the budget for in house resource or a bespoke agency, look no further. Pruva Marketing can tailor creative, scaleable packages for any size of business looking to build brand engagement and enhance customer experience.

What we do

Our Services
Marcomms strategy

Comprehensive strategies, actions and tactics to drive customer engagement and support business growth.

Social media management

Content strategy and disciplined execution to build brand awareness and loyalty through online channels.

Brand positioning

Establishing brand essence, value proposition and meaning to resonate with customers and prospects.

Stakeholder engagement

Nurturing relationships with industry stakeholders to boost awareness and increase visibility of business and brand.

Content creation

Content-led marketing that engages target audiences through awareness of their pain points and challenges.

PR & media management

Harnessing the power of the media to position and build brand awareness and increase target audience reach.


“Amanda combines strategic guidance with hands-on execution to drive engagement with our brand via targeted social media and website content. The statistics stack up - it's working!”

Matthew Lane
MD of Ventus Marine Services


Ready to find out more?

Find out how we can help you achieve your business goals and vision, either through a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy or by using an on-demand model to provide support when and where you need it most.

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